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2024 Get in Gear

Social Media Kit

Use any of the graphics or copy provided below across your social media platforms to promote this year's Get in Gear event!

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Captions & Tagging


  • Get in Gear, Minnesota's Annual Rite of Spring, is set for Saturday, April 27! Are you registered yet? Join the @Twin Cities In Motion community for a 5K, 10K, or Medtronic Half Marathon and celebrate the promise of warmer weather. Learn more and register: 

  • Make sure you're ready to tackle the rest of your 2024 goals by getting into gear on Saturday, April 27, with @Twin Cities In Motion! Register for the Get in Gear 5K, 10K, or Medtronic Half Marathon, and get your kiddos moving with the Old Dutch Little Chippers Sprocket Scamper:

  • Pair the Get in Gear Medtronic Half Marathon on Saturday, April 27, with the Eau Claire Half Marathon on Sunday, April 28, and compete the inaugural Half & Half Challenge. Finishers will receive a third medal at the Eau Claire Half Marathon finish! Learn more:

Twin Cities In Motion Handles

  • Instagram: @TwinCitiesInMotion

  • Facebook: @Twin Cities In Motion

  • LinkedIn: @Twin Cities In Motion

  • Twitter: @tcmarathon

Half &  Half Challenge Handles

  • Medtronic

    • Instagram: @medtronic

    • Facebook: @Medtronic

    • LinkedIn: @Medtronic

  • Eau Claire

    • Instagram: @ecmarathon

    • Facebook: @Eau Claire Marathon

    • Twitter: @RunECMarathon

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Social Media Graphics

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