TCM Board of Directors

Looking for an opportunity to serve your community in a leadership role by helping everyone find their inner athlete? Twin Cities in Motion is seeking qualified candidates to serve on its Board of Directors. As part of our ongoing commitment to being a positive force for change we are seeking diverse perspectives, backgrounds and experience to join our organization. We encourage people from the LGBTQ and/or BIPOC communities, people with disabilities, and people who desire to help TCM be a more inclusive and welcoming community to apply for this position. Application deadline is Friday, Aug. 21st, 2020.

Twin Cities In Motion - Director Role and Responsibilities

Directors are expected to provide governance, leadership, and stewardship, in good faith and in the best interest of the corporation, to Twin Cities In Motion (TCM), which is a non-profit organization whose mission is to ignite everyone's inner athlete, providing the best in class experience events for everyone regardless of ability, age or background.

Our purpose is to provide event platforms for everyone to experience the love of moving whether they are a participant, supporter, spectator or the community at large. We do so by removing barriers to participation, supporting the running community, and partnering with other nonprofits to help them advance their causes.

Directors are required, by TCM’s bylaws, to have the willingness and ability to regularly attend Board meetings, applicable committee meetings and periodic TCM events and functions, and to participate in all fundamental policy-making decisions related to the mission of TCM.

Directors of the TCM Board provide professional and independent guidance to TCM on matters of governance, strategic direction, and to a lesser extent, operations.  Examples of matters overseen or reviewed by the Board include:

  • strategic plan
  • brand and community presence
  • organizational structure and opportunities
  • selection and on-going support and evaluation of the President
  • annual budget and staffing adequacy
  • major organizational decisions and commitments
  • ensure there are sufficient resources for the organization to fulfill its mission, and adequate progress toward financial goals and asset protection
  • annual compensation planning
  • delegation of management authority
  • conduct affairs of the board including board development, transition, and effectiveness

All directors are fiduciaries of TCM and are expected to represent TCM positively in the community and abide by director’s legal and ethical obligations, including but not limited to TCM’s Standards of Conduct and Conflicts of Interest policies.

Directors play an important part in the Twin Cities community and are expected to provide TCM with connections to current and prospective partner organizations.  As a non-profit, TCM asks each director to make an annual contribution to TCM’s charitable arm, Friends of TCM.  The amount of the contribution is up to each director.  

Please fill out this application and send to with the subject line "Board of Directors Application"

There are currently no positions currently listed.