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Medtronic TC 10 Mile

Read the four other ways to get your entry into the 6th largest 10 mile event in the U.S.

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Support the running community! Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon Weekend is now open! Learn More and Sign Up

A Run for Everyone!

Bring your family for the 34th annual Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon Weekend! Online registration is open now!

Run Twin Cities in 2015!

Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon registration is open!  |  Top 10 U.S. Marathon  |  Buy the Training Shirt  |  Hotel Information

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Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon

Join us October 4 for the Most Beautiful Urban Marathon in America.®

Run with Coworkers

Corporate Team Challenge offers companies an extraordinary opportunity to add some excitement, team building and good‐natured competition to the work place while promoting health and fitness.

Participate in Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon Weekend (5K, 10K, or marathon) as a team! Recieve exra perks at the start and finish lines and have more fun on your run.

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In order for each person to receive registration confirmation and important race day information, one must provide a unique email address for each unique registration. For example: John and Jane Smith using for their registrations will only receive one person's confirmation, and one detailed race email.

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