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2020 Virtual Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon

See below for the latest updates on Twin Cities In Motion 2020 events in response to COVID-19.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Twin Cities In Motion has decided to conduct its remaining 2020 events, including the 39th Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon Weekend, virtually, without in-person aspects.

TCM made the decision with an appreciation for the disappointment it will cause, you, our runners. The decision was guided by public health officials and the Twin Cities In Motion medical directors. It was made with the safety of participants, volunteers, spectators, and the community at large foremost in mind.

Why is TCM moving all originally planned 2020 races to virtual events?

We made this decision, in consultation with our medical directors and board of directors, based on current Minnesota Department of Health restrictions that do not allow for public gatherings of larger than either 25 or 250 persons (depending on venue), and which are not expected to be loosened substantially between now and October. 

We do not make this decision lightly. Twin Cities In Motion has always prided itself on doing the right thing – and the safest thing – for its runners, spectators, volunteers and the community at large. During the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, to not gather thousands or tens of thousands of people together for a running event is the correct course of action.  

Like our peers, including the Twin Cities Pride Festival, Minnesota State Fair and the Boston Marathon, we believe in the interests of overall community health and individuals’ safety. 

When group gathering restrictions are removed and the opportunity to hold in-person running events is approved, Twin Cities In Motion will be ready to host the running community with COVID-19 preparedness plans in place.  


Why are you deciding this so early?

Guidance from Minnesota Amateur Sports Commission contacts have advised it is highly unlikely that Minnesota Department of Health restrictions currently in place limiting outdoor recreational entertainment venues to crowds of up to a maximum of 250 will be lifted soon enough to allow for public gatherings on the scale of our running events between now and October in the state of Minnesota. As long as those restrictions are in place, we can’t put on our traditional fall races, including the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon weekend of events. 

Additionally, we made the decision now in order to end the uncertainty about TCM events for our runners, volunteers and partners, and to focus our planning for robust and engaging virtual events. This allows runners to plan for a virtual experience, including adjusting travel and training accordingly


Are you planning to hold the 40th running of the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon in 2021?

Yes. We are planning to produce a 40th annual edition of the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon that is a safe and secure celebration of running and our community on Sunday, October 3, 2021. The full Twin Cities Marathon weekend of events are scheduled for Friday, October 1-Sunday, October 3. 

However, as we have all experienced during the pandemic, the situation is very fluid. We continue to monitor the situation and will post any updates on our website. We will have an update on what registration protections are available before we open registration for the 2021 Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon weekend of events, likely in spring of 2021. 

Future Twin Cities in Motion races may look different in order to abide by new public safety and environmental health guidelines for large events, and we will provide updates on these changes as they become known. We fully intend to return to putting on high-production value large-scale running events once the opportunity returns. 


Will I get a refund, or can I defer to next year? 

For the future sustainability of our organization, a community 501(c)3 nonprofit, it is not feasible to refund or offer deferments to 2021 events or beyond.  We will be offering a partial credit towards a future event with Twin Cities In Motion.   

We understand and sympathize how the pandemic has impacted runners and your investment in events. We have looked at all possible options for 2020 event registration reimbursements. As an organization we are careful stewards of our budgets and will continue to be to ensure we can host community-based running events into the future.  

As part of the race planning process, certain fixed costs (e.g., shirts, medals, fulfillment, vendor deposits) which are made months, and up to a year, ahead of the race are unrecoverable. The compounding financial impact of the pandemic crisis has been felt deeply at TCM. We appreciate your understanding of the position we are in regarding our refund and deferral policy. 

See next question for credit redemption details for specific event(s). Run Three Guarantee participants, please skip ahead to learn more about your credit redemption details. 


How much will the partial credit be, and what events can I use it for? 

For those participants who signed up for single events (not as part of the Run Three Guarantee promotion) your information is listed below. Run Three Guarantee participants, please skip ahead to learn more. 

Hot Dash - may be used towards Hot Dash 2021, or 2022 

  • 5K: $10 
  • 10: $20 

TC Kids Cross Country Fun Run: $5.00 - may be used towards TC Kids Cross Country Fun Run 2021, or 2022 

Medtronic TC 1 Mile: $5.00 - may be used towards Medtronic TC 1 Mile 2021, or 2022 

Women Run the Cities: - may be used towards Women Run the Cities 2021, or 2022 

  • 5K: $10 
  • 10K: $10 
  • 10 Mile: $20 

Red, White & Boom! TC Half Marathon - may be used towards Red, White & Boom! 2021, or 2022 

  • 5K: $10 
  • Relay: $25 
  • Half Marathon: $25 
  • Tune Up/Triumph: $25 

Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon Weekend – May be used towards the corresponding event listed below for 2021 or 2022. 

  • Medtronic TC Family Events: $5 
  • TC 5K: $10 
  • TC 10K: $10 
  • Medtronic TC 10 Mile*: $25 
  • Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon: $40 
  • TC Loony Challenge: $55 
  • TC Ultra Loony Challenge: $75 

* Applies only to those registered prior to 6/23 with an access code 

For those registering after the event had been converted to virtual, you will not receive the partial credit listed above. 


How was the partial credit determined? 

The amount was determined by the event and the registered distance to offer the amount that was recoverable due to the cancellation of in-person events.  

Other organizations offer various options according to each organization’s unique situation. Providing a higher credit amount or deferrals to future races are not feasible options if we want to ensure the viability of our organization and to return to putting on races when it is safe to do so. 


When will I receive my credit promo code?  

For those participants who signed up for single events (not as part of the Run Three Guarantee promotion) your codes will be emailed prior to the 2021 registration launch date so you can easily use the credit promo code for the 2021 running of your specific event, or you can choose to delay until the 2022 running of your specific event.   

Check your email inbox for regular updates. 


I am a Run Three Guarantee participant. What do I need to know? 

Run Three Guarantee participants, please note the following about the receipt of your credit promo code and Medtronic TC 10 Mile guaranteed entry for 2020.  


Starting the week of June 29, you will receive an email with your combined credit promo code. Because each participant signed up for three qualifying events in different combinations, it is not possible to list the various credit amounts Run Three Guarantee participants will receive. They are unique to each individual and are a combined total of the race credits accrued from your three race purchases. Please see your email inbox with your specific information.  

You will be able to use this combined credit promo code on the following events:  

  • 2020 Virtual Medtronic TC 10 Mile 

  • 2021 Medtronic TC 10 Mile 

  • 2022 Medtronic TC 10 Mile 


Due to the 2020 Medtronic TC 10 Mile becoming a virtual event, we will guarantee your non-complementary entry into the 2021 Medtronic TC 10 Mile.  

You can still participant in the 2020 virtual event. It will NOT impact your guaranteed entry for 2021 Medtronic TC 10 Mile. 


Will I still get my shirt and medal for my cancelled in-person events?  

Yes! All participants in 2020 virtual events will receive their event gear.  

If you registered for an in-person event, that changed to a virtual event you will receive an email outlining the options you have: 

  1. Participate in the virtual event, with gear mailing such as shirt and medal, plus redemptive credit promo code. 

  1. Stay in the virtual event, but opt out of receiving the gear mailing. You still receive the redemptive credit promo code. 

  1. Donate back your entry. By choosing this option, you will opt out of the virtual event, including the gear, and redemptive credit promo code, and receive a tax deduction letter for your donation. 


What does it mean to have a virtual event?  What will I be receiving? 

All TCM 2020 virtual events involve self-reported times for the distance and events you registered. You choose a date and time to run your event and submit your time during the event’s virtual dates.  

Participants will enjoy (exact activations vary by event): 

  • Participant gear including medal, shirt and gift 

  • Results page  

  • Twin Cities In Motion app, presented by Medtronic for details like event information, selfie filters, virtual goodies, and much more 

  • Interactive social media challenges, giveaways and games 

  • Motigo experience for personal cheers and fun “course” entertainment  

For more information, visit specific event page or follow us on Facebook and Instagram @twincitiesinmotion. 


I’m not registered yet for a 2020 event can I still join in the virtual events?  

Yes. Please visit the individual race page for event details and registration information. 

Red, White & Boom! TC Half Marathon, presented by Summit Brewing Company

Medtronic TC 1 Mile

Twin Cities Orthopedics' Women Run the Cities, presented by PNC Bank

Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon Weekend of Events


I’d like to donate my registration fee to support TCM. What does my donation support and is it tax deductible? 

TCM’s ability to impact our community is due in part to the generosity of our runners and supporters. As a community 501(c)3 non-profit, we exist to provide platforms for people to run together in safe and exciting ways that are approachable for everyone, regardless of age, background or ability. Your support will ensure an investment in the local running community for years to come, sustain TCM through this difficult time and lay the foundation for when we can once again return to in-person events.


I registered through a Charity Partner. What do I need to know? 

Charity Partner registrants will still be able to participate in virtual events and fundraise for their specific causes. Reach out to your specific Charity Partner contact for program details and fundraising information. 

In addition to receiving participant gear, we will be compiling submitted results for virtual events for all participants including official charity participants. 


I registered with a Corporate Team. What do I need to know? 

CTC participants will be still be able to participate in virtual events and receive the event gear and credit promo code, as well as all virtual event perks.  

In addition, TCM will be compiling submitted results for the virtual events for CTC Teams for the “Largest Team” and “Fastest Team”. CTC participants will also receive an exclusive CTC gear item for the virtual events which will be mailed. 






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