Twin Cities in Motion

Wise Kids In Motion

Help your kids start on the right foot, teach them to eat right and exercise often!

Wise Kids in Motion is a partnership between Twin Cities In Motion and the Säjai® Foundation that teaches children about eating right and making smart nutritional decisions while providing a structured running program to promote long-term healthy habits. The Wise Kids In Motion is a 9 week, hour long program that is offered free of charge to any school or youth group or youth-centered organization in the metro Twin Cities area and geared for K-6th grade children. It is offered before school and after school. Our goal is to expand the reach of the program to inner-city and suburban youth and encourage families to make exercise and running and eating right life-long values and practice. All children receive a back pack, worksheets and incentives.


If you are interested in having this program at your school contact Sandy Unger, Youth Programs Manager 651-289-7709 or