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Harry & Shelly


Meet Harry & Shelly, the TCM Mascots!





Born: Lake of the Isles, Minneapolis
Height: 5'7"
Waist: 5'7"
Favorite Shoe: Brooks Ghost
Favorite Food: Grapes (preferably green)
Pre Race Meal: Lemon Lime Energy Drink, Lettuce Wrapped Banana



Born: Summit Avenue, St. Paul
Height: 7'4" with ears extended
Shoe Size: 22
Favorite Shoe: Brooks Pure Flow
Favorite Food: Blueberries
Pre Race Meal: Blueberry Energy Drink, Blueberry Muffin

The Story of Harry & Shelly

On a blistery fall day in the backyard of the governor’s house on Summit Avenue in St. Paul, a hare named Harry was born. Harry was the littlest of his five siblings, but by no means the shyest. He was a fur ball of energy, never staying in one place for long. Harry’s parents tried to find him a sport at which he could excel with all this energy, but football was a little too rough, basketball and baseball took too much coordination and swimming, not with his fur coat! Harry wasn’t sure he would ever find a sport, until his parents encouraged him to try running. It was love at first sprint! No matter how fast he ran, Harry’s legs never got tired! He loved sprinting around the track as fast as he could and running through the woods at a leisurely pace, listening to the birds chirp and taking in the nature all around. It was on one of his runs along the Mississippi River that Harry would meet his best friend from whom he would soon become inseparable.


On a warm spring morning near the shore of Lake of the Isles in Minneapolis, Shelly, the tortoise, was born. Shelly wasn’t like the other tortoises though with her unique shell design. In school, Shelly wasn’t known as the swiftest athlete, making it hard to fit in with the kids when they played sports in gym. One day, bummed she wasn’t picked for the volleyball team, Shelly asked her parents if she would ever find “her” sport. It was at that moment her parents realized what the unique design on her shell was: a runner in motion! Taking it as a sign, Shelly’s parents encouraged her to try running. Shelly was a natural! She wasn’t the quickest, but nobody could run as far! It wasn’t long before Shelly could run around the whole lake! It was on one of her long runs that she ran into Harry, who would soon become her new best friend!


Harry, with his boundless energy and speed, and Shelly, with her slow, never -give -up spirit, made quite the pair. It didn’t seem like they could possibly be best friends… but they both loved to run! Shelly taught Harry how to run more controlled so he could run further, while Harry taught Shelly the importance of eating healthy foods to keep your energy up all day!


In spite of their differences, Harry & Shelly became inseparable, running together and racing together… and it was the greatest friendship of all.



Harry & Shelly Upcoming Appearances!

Medtronic TC Family Events - Saturday, October 8 

  • Harry & Shelly Mascot Invitational - 11:00 a.m.

    Kids of all ages will love Harry & Shelly’s Mascot Invitational! Don’t miss this Saturday event featuring your favorite mascots running for the finish line in a race all their own. TCM’s mascots, Harry and Shelly, and all their friends will be available for hugs and photos before and after the race too. Come cheer for the mascots!




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