Race Operations Division

Race Operations Division


Responsible for the organization and operation of the marathon and fall ten mile races. This committee is focused on the safety and security of every participant and volunteer during the races. Race Operations has the responsibility for all aspects of planning, organization and management of the races, from the start to the finish.


Race Operations Division

Fluid Station Captain

9 positions available

Role Summary:  The Fluid Station Captain is responsible for overseeing one of the fourteen Fluid Stations for the TCM Marathon. They are responsible for managing race day set up, inventory, and the breakdown of all fluid stations.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Drive vehicle to/from TCM Office to/from assigned fluid station on race day
  • Set up fluid station race morning
  • Help recruit volunteers at your fluid station
  • Ensure your fluid station is following food safety guidelines
  • Supervise fluid station operation and clean-up of the area during and after the race
  • Hook up food grade hoses to fire hydrants on race day
  • Troubleshoot issues on race day

Skill Set:

  • Responsible
  • Organized
  • Knowledge of events preferred
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Initiative
  • Ability to lift 25-50 pounds

Expected Annual Meetings:

  • All Fluid Station Captains Meetings, TCM Office, Early September
  • Race Weekend, first Saturday & Sunday in October

Apply by completing the TCM general interest form at tcmevents.org/volunteer