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Brent Silkey

He ran a triple marathon in one day to raise funds for clean water.

For Brent Silkey, finishing the 2014 Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon was only the start of a 78.6 mile day of activity designed to raise funds to build clean-water drinking wells in sub-Saharan Africa. Brent ran the marathon, then covered another 26.2 miles on an elliptical machine followed by 26.2 more on an exercise bike. His family raised $10,000 for World Serve International and the youth group he led raised another $70,000! 

What is he up to now? On his 30th birthday, he started a movement: he ran 30 miles, raised money, and launched 30 for Freedom.


Stephanie Garrett

After learning to run, it has become her passion and lifestyle.

Stephanie Garrett started her career as a runner by getting up from her couch. In 2011, she made “learn to run” her New Year’s resolution and started a “couch to 5K” training program with her husband Chad. Since an initial, painful 30-second treadmill run and more than 80 pounds of lost weight, she has become a marathoner!

What is she up to now? Stephanie is a four-time Medtronic Twin Cities Marathoner and signed up for 2017's event!

dave baker

Dave Baker

Dave inspires while battling homelessness and Huntington's.

At the start line of the 2015 Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon, Dave Baker faced the challenge common to his fellow marathoners: the 26.2 miles between downtown Minneapolis and the State Capitol in St. Paul. Beforehand, Baker faced the additional challenges of being homeless and suffering from Huntington’s disease. Baker, a member of the Mile in My Shoes running program for the homeless, prevailed in the race, finishing marathon in 4:16:50.

What is he up to now? Dave is a beloved member of many community wellness groups such as Mile in My Shoes and November Project!

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