Twin Cities in Motion

Red, White & Boom! TC Half Marathon, Relay & 5K

Two-Person Relay

Not up for the 13.1 miles alone? Find a buddy to split the course with you and register for the two-person relay!

How it Works

The two-person relay is the perfect way to participate with a friend while running half the miles of a half-marathon. Runners will be shuttled to their designated areas (see below). The first male team, female team, and co-ed teams will receive awards to be mailed after the race.


Each runner from the two person relay team will receive:

  • A designated race number (NOTE: It does not matter who actually runs each leg, as long as each runner is wearing his/her assigned number.)

  • A timing chip attached to your bib (NOTE: Your chip is associated with your name and number. No matter which leg you run, make sure you wear the chip / bib assigned to you)

  • Brooks® technical men's or women's short-sleeve shirt

  • Commemorative Red, White & Boom! pint glass

  • Unique 2017 Red, White, & Boom! finisher medal (at the transition area for first leg runners and finish for second leg runners)

Shuttle Buses

Shuttle Buses will be available near Father Hennepin Bluff Park, on SE Main Street between 5th Ave SE and 6th Ave SE.  Buses will transport second leg runners to the transition area. These buses will load and depart between 6:15 a.m. and 6:30 a.m. The buses will stay at the transition area to bring the first leg runner back to the finish area. Buses will return to the finish area as they fill, so there may be a wait between return trips.  

There is no official event parking near the transition area. If you choose to drive to the transition area and park a car in the residential neighborhood, please be respectful and do not block driveways.

Transition Area

The second runner may begin running when the first runner tags him/her. First leg runners coming from the transition area will be escorted by a race volunteer to the transition chute where water and porta-potties will be available for the relay teams. The first runner will need to arrive at the transition area by 8:15 a.m. otherwise they will be asked to board the closing vehicle. The transition area will officially close and the last bus will depart for the finish area by 8:30 a.m. 

Participants must be able to complete the entire half marathon in a combined total of 3 ½ hours, which generally means maintaining an average pace of a 16-minute mile. The half marathon finish line will remain open until 10:00 a.m.

Sweats Check

A sweats check will be available at the transition area. If the second runner checks a bag at the transition area, it is the responsibility of the teammate to claim that bag and bring it back to the finish area. All checked bags must have the sweats label from the bottom of your race number safety pinned to the bag. Checked bags may only be reclaimed by the person that checked it or the person’s teammate.

Finish Area

First leg runners will be transported from the relay transition zone to the finish line, where they will eligible to enter the secured finish line area to receive post-race amenities. Please have your race bib visible to gain access to this area.