North Star State Park MNy Challenge - 2021

Where Fitness Blossoms with Each Virtual State Park Visit

Imagine visiting a different Minnesota State Park for each workout you do this spring. A hill workout over at Fort Ridgely, an open-water swim up at McCarthy Beach, a tempo run on those wide paths at Wild River, and then, well, the possibilities are endless! 

With TCM’s North Star State Park MNy Challenge, you’ll make a virtual visit to each of Minnesota’s 66 State Parks – from Afton to Zippel Bay – and, over the course of three months, grow stronger and fitter from the adventure. It’s the happy camper’s path to springtime fitness when the natural world is welcoming everyone and everything back to life. 

Choose a North Star State Park MNy Challenge that’s right for you: 

The Camper Challenge asks for 30 minutes of activity to complete a park visit, so it’s perfect for folks ready for a half-hour workout, five days a week.  

The Adventurer Challenge requires 60 minutes of fitness to check off a park, so it’s ideal for those looking to work out for an hour, five days a week.  

The Explorer Challenge demands 90 minutes of fitness to wrap up a park, so it’s great for hardy souls looking to work out for an hour-and-half five days a week.  

No matter the Challenge, if you keep up the pace, you’ll virtually visit every park by the end of June! 

So, gather up your outdoor gear, dust off that nature guide and don’t forget the sunscreen (or, yes, the bug spray!) because you’ll be on an adventure every time you exit the front door! 

The North Star State Park MNy Challenges features an amazing Storm Creek® ¼-zip, plus:  

  • Smart technology tracking to measure your progress 
  • Motivational and supportive Facebook community 
  • Interactive mini-contests each month to win prizes 
  • Expert advice, tools, recipes and training tips 
  • Leaderboard to see your competition – and cheer your friends    
  • Your progress is tracked, no matter the technology you use, on the FitRankings platform. 

Registration is $65 and includes a Storm Creek® ¼-zip, or upgrade your challenge for an additional $35 to receive an exclusive, branded Boco Gear Pathfinder Daypack and Infinite Horizons Cap.

See gear here.

Use #runMNy to share your progress!