MNy Monthly Challenges - 2020

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Monthly Motivation

You, your challenge and a month of strong! Tackle a unique fitness assignment each month with the MNy Monthly Challenge. Join an online community who will keep you motivated and accountable. With varied challenges each month, technology to track your progress and a Facebook group to cheer you on, MNy Monthly Challenges will put you on the path to strong.

Sign up for a single month for $20 or purchase the season pass that includes September - December challenges for $90 and receive exclusive MNy Challenge gear!

September: Back to S'Cool

The weather is mellowing and the kids are back to school (well, maybe), so challenge yourself to moving at least 26.2 minutes per day in September. Accumulate your 786 monthly minutes with perfect attendance or a little make-up work right before the homework’s due.

October: Harvest Hustle

It’s Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon month, so challenge yourself to running the 107.7-mile total distance of all of Twin Cities In Motion’s events – from the Valentine’s Day TC 5K to the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon itself. If you harvest a bushel of miles every week, you’ll fill your running silo in no time.

November: Elevation Celebration

How high will you run in November? Yep, how high? We’re putting the vertical back into your runs by asking you to match the elevation gain of the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon each week of the month – that’s 2,677 feet up for November. Seek the hills, find your stride and enjoy the view.

December: Put 2020 Behind You

The year officially ends on Thursday, December 31 (we checked), but you can put 2020 behind you even sooner with the challenge of accumulating 2020 minutes of fitness during the month. Yes, that’s 65.2 minutes a day, but nothing about 2020 is going to be easy.

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