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Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon

Maps & Course

There are more than 26.2 good reasons to call this race "The Most Beautiful Urban Marathon in America.®"

With mile after mile of parkways, lakes, rivers and tree-lined boulevards, the scenery can’t be beat. Add 300,000 screaming fans, ten Cheer Zones, over a dozen course entertainment acts, and you’ve got an experience that you’ll never forget.

Race Start and Location

The 36th annual Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon starts at 8:00 a.m. (7:55 wheeler start) on Sunday, October 1 on 6th Street near Portland Avenue in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Please allow enough time to arrive to the start and make your way to the proper start corral (at least 30 minutes prior to the start time). No early starts are permitted.

Start Area Map*

State Capitol Grounds (Finish Area) Map*


Marathon Course Map*

This point-to-point course begins near the U.S. Bank Stadium where the Minnesota Vikings play in downtown Minneapolis and finishes on John Ireland Boulevard at the Minnesota State Capitol in Saint Paul. The course winds around four beautiful lakes and along both sides of the Mississippi River, for a total of over 11 miles along water. The second half of the course contains a few rolling hills; but with a starting and finishing elevation growth of approximately 840 feet and no climbs over 100 feet long, it's nothing you can’t handle! The final stretch races past the clanging bells of the historic, picturesque Saint Paul Cathedral and heads downhill with a spectacular view of the finish line at the Capitol.


*Maps subject to change. Please check this page for updates.

Parking and Transportation

For race weekend and race day travel, parking, and transportation information, including the free Metro Transit light rail for participants, visit Travel Information.

Sweats Check

Participants may place their warm-up clothing and other items in the official, clear plastic race bag provided at packet pick up. Personal bags will not be accepted and contents of personal bags must be emptied into the official sweats bag. Please do not place valuables in your bag. Be sure that the pre-printed label included in your race packet is affixed to the outside of your official sweats check bag in the designated box and that your bag is securely tied shut.


Runners may check their sweats bag with the UPS Sweats Check truck located near the start corrals. Trucks are marked with designated bib number ranges and runners must check their bag with the corresponding truck. Please allow yourself enough time to drop your sweats with the appropriate truck and make your way to the start corral. Sweats check closes at 7:45 a.m. Your checked bag will be transported by UPS to the finish area at the State Capitol grounds to be reclaimed after the race.


Please use the sweats check location that matches your race number, regardless of if you choose to move back when starting the race. UPS sweats trucks will be located near the start line at the following locations:


Corral 1: Park Avenue

Corral 2: Chicago Avenue

Corral 3: Bud Grant Way


Please properly prepare your bag for the Sweats Check:


  1. Affix the pre-printed label included in your race packet to the outside of your bag in the designated box while you are indoors.

  2. Ensure your bag is tied shut before checking it so that your items stay inside the bag. Please do not place valuables in your bag. 

Waves / Corral Start

TCM has assigned you to one of three starting corrals based on the information you submitted. Corral assignments are finalized in August. The waves will begin approximately 5-7 minutes apart. You must start in the corral assigned to you and may be disqualified if you start in a corral you are not assigned. However, you are allowed to move back to a higher numbered corral. Follow the signs and instructions of the volunteers to ensure you enter the correct corral, which will also be marked by signs and balloons that correspond to the color on your race number. Anyone climbing a fence or barricade will be disqualified and subject to the trespassing laws of the City of Minneapolis.

CLIF BAR Marathon Pace Team

Meet your marathon goal with the help from experienced CLIF Bar Pace Leaders. Each leader runs even splits (every mile is run in the same amount of time) and provides encouragement and advice along the way to help you corss the finish line within two minutes of your goal finishing times. Register for free on the CLIF website or in person at the Health and Fitness Expo. Pace team leaders will be split into corrals once leader information is finalized. It is possible for you to be placed in a different corral than your desired pace team and leader. Registration is NOT required and there is no cost to participate. Learn more about Clif Bar pace teams on their website and for the most up-to-date pacer information.

Clocks and Timing

Each mile will be marked with 11’ plumes on both sides of the course. Digital clocks will be located at the following locations on the course: miles 1, 3.1, 5, 10, 13.1, 15, 20, and 25. The clocks provide the elapsed gun time for the race and are set to correspond with Corral 1 at 8:00 a.m. 


TCM uses a computerized MyLaps timing device to score the race. It is a single-use chip that is affixed to the back of your bib, enabling participants to receive net and other split times. Chips will already be affixed to your race number and must be tested at packet pick up to ensure accuracy. Do not alter your race number or bend the foam timing device in any way. MyLaps split timing will be at the 5K, 10K, 13.1, 30K, mile 24 and one additional spot. You must run across the mats on the course to get your official splits, as well as the start and finish line or you will be disqualified. The chip will not be collected in the finish area.


Chip time, or the net times that record the actual elapsed time from the time you cross the start line to the time you cross the finish line, will be posted online, and is often used for qualifying purposes in races with established qualifying times, including the Boston Marathon. Official finish times for USA Track & Field Rules of Competition and prize money purposes will be based on gun time, the elapsed time between the official start of the marathon and the point in time you cross the finish line. 

Course Time Limit

All participants must be able to finish the marathon in six hours. The city permits issued to TCM do not permit the roads to remain closed beyond this limit. No race services including medical, fluid stations or traffic control are available beyond this pace.


The finish line remains open until 2:15 p.m. (assuming an 8:00 a.m. start). Participants must cross the finish line by this time in order to be considered official finishers. The finisher shirt and medal will not be awarded after 2:15 p.m. Finishing the marathon by 2:15 p.m. generally means maintaining an average pace of 13:44 per mile. The race course is opened to traffic on a rolling schedule as participants make their way to the finish. In order to ensure safety, a sweep vehicle and bus follows the race route to pick up participants who are unable to maintain this pace on a consistent basis. Participants are required to board the sweep bus when instructed by race officials. Should you choose not to board the sweep bus, by order of both Minneapolis and Saint Paul police, YOU MUST MOVE TO THE SIDEWALK. Runners not on the sidewalk will have their race number recorded and are subject to disqualification from future TCM events.

Fluid Stations

Water, Mountain Berry Blast flavored POWERADE® ION4® sports drink; toilets and medical aid are available at the following location on the course: miles 2.5, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13.1, 15, 17, 19.1, 20.6, 22, 23, 24 and 25. Please note that the electrolytes are in white cups of POWERADE® ION4® and marked by neon yellow plumes. Water is grouped second in Medtronic blue cups marked by bright blue plumes. If water tables are crowded, please move forward to the next table. Try to throw empty drinking cups near a trash box to the side of the road to avoid creating an obstacle on the course. If you wish to stop to walk, please move to the side of the road before doing so. There may be unofficial and unauthorized fluid stations along the course—it is suggested that you do not accept fluids and food items from sources other than official fluid stations.

Medical Information

Fluid stations coincide with medical aid stations, presented by Medtronic. Visit Medical Information to learn more and submit your RaceSafe participant information.

Clif Shots

Clif shots will be distributed in assorted flavors at approximately mile 17, while supplies last.

Course Entertainment

From cheerleaders to rock bands, we'll have you entertained all the way to the finish line!


The course is certified (MN13001JRG) and sanctioned by USA Track & Field. TCM encourages, but does not require, USATF membership. USATF membership is required for masters runners to be eligible for age-group prize money. USATF membership can be obtained at the USA Track & Field website.


Race Cancellation Policy

It is the primary goal of TCM to ensure a safe event for all involved. The Games Committee will maintain the right to cancel the race without refunds or race credits. Be sure to check your email, visit this website, and check social media for important information regarding last minute race information including inclement weather or other physical conditions that present a danger to the participants or community as a whole. 

Rules of Competition

Twin Cities In Motion (TCM) has established a Games Committee in accordance with the USA Track & Field (USATF) Rules of Competition. TCM follows and applies the USATF Rules in all events it conducts to ensure safe, fair races for all participants. There are three rules in particular that we want you to be aware of:


Buying/Selling/Transferring Race Numbers: TCM does not allow the selling or trading of Race Numbers and will take necessary action to prevent these transactions. If TCM Officials become aware of an individual involved in the buying or selling of an Official Race Number, the individuals involved may be banned from participating in future TCM events.


Headphones: While strongly discouraged, portable listening devices will be allowed in the marathon. Cell phones and/or other devices capable of receiving communication are allowed on the course; however, should the use of a cell phone (and/or other devices capable of receiving communication) cause a safety hazard for the participant and/or additional participants, then its use may result in the assessment of a penalty for violating the rules, up to and including disqualification. Those competing for awards of any kind, in any event may not use portable listening devices, cell phones, and/or other devices capable of receiving communication. USATF Rule 144.3(h)


Runners Pushing a Person with Permanent Disabilities in a Customized Racing Wheelchair:  If a runner wants to push another individual in the marathon, they submit a request, which goes to our Games Committee for review. The Games Committee has set criteria for reviewing these requests, which include that the runner must have previously completed a marathon pushing a racing wheelchair and the time must have been 3:45 or faster. To view the complete policy, click here.


A complete listing of the Rules of Competition can be found here.

Accolades from participants:

"You are the gold standard in race management."

"I have run road races for 35+ years, everything from backwoods races to major road runs, 1 milers to the Hood-to-Coast Relay. This by far was the most entertaining race of them all. From packet pickup to post race care and everything in between, this race is the tops."

"This was my 28th marathon, and most certainly the best organised, best supported and among the most beautiful."

"I would definitely recommend out-of-state runners to make the trip and check this one out!"

"It was the best first marathon experience I could have asked for. It made me want to run another one. The scenic view was wonderful, and the crowd made everyone feel like a winner that day."