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Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon

Charter Club

Welcome to the Charter Club, an exclusive group of runners recognized for its consistency and persistence in finishing every single Twin Cities Marathon.

Below is a list of individuals that are members of the Charter Club, having completed all thirty-five of our marathons, since 1982. Only 25 members remain. Combined, they've run 22,925 miles on the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon course alone.


They've run every Twin Cities Marathon, and wouldn't have it any other way

‘Charter Club’ Runners Notch 35th Year Of Twin Cities Marathon


Paul Arbisi

Richard Bailly

Daryl Blakeborough

Lisa Boulay

Steve Carr

Mary Croft

Wayne Drealan

Dave Eckstrom

David Gontarek

Jerry Heaps

Thomas Huberty

Rob Johnson

Scott Knight

Dean Laiti

Annette Leduc

Timothy Mccoy

Larry Mcnichols

Sharon Mordorski

John Naslund

Edward Rousseau

Antonio Salinas

Bob Stavig

John Tantzen

Robert Tierney

Timothy Zoerb


Be sure to keep an eye out for these VIP's on our marathon course! They'll be wearing special gold-colored race bibs and deserve extra loud cheers!