Twin Cities in Motion

Community Enrichment Partners

Together we are building bridges by reaching out to the community and touching people’s lives.  

Twin Cities In Motion is proud to be a non-profit organization that raises awareness for other community non-profits. The 2013 In-Kind Partners are Hand-in-Hand Together, The Emergency Foodshelf Network, WearEver Recycling and Sharing and Caring Hands. These partners assist at events and in turn receive goods such as t-shirts and leftover food from the events.


Hand-in-Hand Together is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing humanitarian aid and encouragement directly to people of Ukraine, Russia and Moldova living in tremendous levels of poverty. Hand In Hand Together is organized and operated by a Minnesota couple. More than 3,500 shirts are donated to aid people in other countries.


The Food Group is a nonprofit organization that collects, warehouses and distributes high quality food and essential support services to Minnesota hunger relief organizations. Its family of programs includes food banking, food rescue, supplemental nutrition for families and seniors, and customized support services such as infrastructure, equipment and technology for hunger relief organizations.


WearEver Recycling collects and recycles wearable goods and textiles. They are able to put 95% of it to use! Roughly 45% of recycled goods are re-used as apparel, often exported to developing countries where second-hand clothes are vital; 30% is made into cloths for commercial and industrial applications; and 20% is reprocessed into furniture stuffing, insulation, carpet padding and more.


Sharing and Caring Hands is an extension of the community to the desperate needs of the poor and exists as a vehicle for volunteers to commit their time and resources towards making a difference in the lives of others. They collect food after our year-round races, which contributes to the 375,000 lbs. of food each year they deliver to people in need.