Twin Cities in Motion

Faces in the Crowd

Twin Cities In Motion recognizes participants with unique and inspiring stories through its Faces in the Crowd program. 

Share your Story

Throughout each year we ask runners to share their stories of inspiration, decication, and transformation. We in turn share the stories with local and national media, on our website and blog, and through social media. 


If you're running one of our events and have a story to tell, we'd love to hear about it! Submit your story now or email TCM's Media & Communications Manager Charlie Mahler at

Here is a collection of some of our favorite Faces in the Crowd stories:


Runner assault

Woman Comes Back from Attack to Run Marathon

Greg & Sam Wagner 
Marathon Weekend News Conference

Club Brings Competitive Running to St. Paul's Homeless


Doc Said He'd Never Run Again, Now Spencer's in the Marathon 



Running Not for Her Best Time, But for Love 



Running Buddies, Best Friends and More
TCM Blog


St. Paul Runner Turned Crime Fighter
TCM Blog


Charter Milers Weather Cancellation
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Going the Distance to Honor a Friend 
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Feeling Like an Athlete Again 
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