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Board Social Media Kit

Please feel free to use the graphics below in addition to any copy you see here or on our "Who We Are" page. 

We also welcome you to share your own #MoveForMore!

Asset 9.png

Optional Captions

  • Twin Cities In Motion is striding into the future with a new look and a new direction by expanding programs, developing new services and continuing to create content that encourages people to move for more. Learn more: 

  • Twin Cities In Motion's new look reflects how they are evolving their community impact as a Twin Cities nonprofit. Excited to see how this update reinforces and reenergizes their mission to ignite a community of movers. Learn more:

  • TCM is eager to move together to advance the Twin Cities community and beyond, because that’s what it means to Move for More. How do you #MoveForMore? Learn more on their website:

  • Twin Cities In Motion knows that their events and programs inspire countless people to come together and move for something more than a medal. #MoveForMore

Asset 9.png

Social Media

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