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Easy Runs

posted on Mon, May 23 2016 10:33 am by Life Time Fitness

Rebekah Mayer, the National Training Manager at Life Time Run, discusses the value of easy runs. Formerly more of a "push the pace" runner, Mayer, a new mom, finds herself more receptive to the the easy run concept nowadays, and she lists the reasons why slowing down can make you faster.

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The Long Run

posted on Fri, Feb 19 2016 9:19 am by Life Time Fitness

What long run distance is necessary to prepare for the marathon without overtraining? How fast should it be run? Why is it necessary to go that long? Life Time Fitness asked these questions of their resident experts back in 2012, and the answers are no less true today.

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Snowshoe Running

posted on Thu, Jan 21 2016 10:05 am by Life Time Fitness

At this time of year, many of your favorite running routes are likely covered with snow and ice. While this can make your usual training runs difficult to near impossible, it also opens up new options to explore your surroundings and gain fitness, says Life Time Fitness in this en core article from 2011. 

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posted on Fri, Dec 18 2015 10:20 am by Life Time Fitness

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Peer Pressure

posted on Fri, Nov 20 2015 10:36 am by Life Time Fitness

The power of training as part of a group is the focus of this encore article by Life Time Fitness. Sometimes, the "peer pressure" of a running group is what's needed when motivation is difficult to come by.

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The Perfect Shoe for You

posted on Mon, Oct 26 2015 3:32 pm by Life Time Fitness

We runners can be a bit obsessive about our shoes. It’s not surprising, given that our shoes are the single most important piece of equipment in a sport with very little equipment. Life Time Fitness offers shoe selection advice in this encore article.

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How to Run the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon

posted on Mon, Sep 21 2015 4:45 pm by Life Time Fitness

Everyone knows the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon is one of the most beautiful marathons in the world. But is it fast? Pete Miller of Life Time Fitness has the answer!

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Hot Weather Tips for Pregnant Runners

posted on Fri, Jul 24 2015 11:51 am by Life Time Fitness

Staying active through a pregnancy is not easy. Summer heat just adds an extra level of difficulty. Life Time Fitness offers some tips for staying cool when you’re expecting.

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Racing Toward the Marathon

posted on Wed, Jun 17 2015 5:10 pm by Life Time Fitness

Incorporating shorter races into your marathon build-up can be a beneficial part of your training program. If planned correctly, the shorter events will help prepare you for the upcoming 26.2 miles. Racing can provide both physical and mental benefits.

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Getting Ready for the Medtronic TC 1 Mile

posted on Wed, Apr 22 2015 4:07 pm by Life Time Fitness

The Medtronic TC 1 Mile on May 14th is a fun, fast race in downtown Minneapolis.  If you are accustomed to running longer races, this is a great opportunity to test out your speed in a fun, urban setting! Life Time Fitness has a few training tips that can help you get to the finish line quickly!

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