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Nov 2011

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Give to the Max Day!

by Twin Cities In Motion

What if you could help us win $1,000 just by giving 10 bucks? Starting at midnight, you can!

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Track, Treadmill or Pavement: What’s best for my body?

by Mayo Clinic

As the crisp fall weather turns to frost, some runners are making the switch from outdoor running back to the track or treadmill. Allen Gilman, a Health and Wellness Specialist at Mayo Clinic, and Brent Larson, a Wellness Coach at Mayo Clinic, have teamed up to share their expertise on how these different running surfaces affect the body. Both Gilman and Larson are avid runners. In addition to their daily running schedules, Gilman coached track and field and Larson is training for a 50-mile ultramarathon.

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Winter Running Safety

by Life Time Fitness

Running through winter has challenges with darkness, cold, snow and ice.  However, it can be a beautiful season to run in, and a great time to build or maintain your base if you prepare properly.  Here are some tips to handle each of the primary winter challenges:

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20 Questions, Miles of Answers

by Twin Cities In Motion

As every runner knows, experience is often the best teacher. Relatively new to running, Doug Franzwa was able to take some lessons from his first marathon, modify his training, and shave nearly an hour off his time in just one year.  Read more about Doug.

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