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20 Questions, Miles of Answers- Bronson Mulleitner

posted on Wed, Aug 13 2014 9:59 am by TCM Staff

1. Name: Bronson Mulleitner

2. Age (or rough estimate): 30

3. City: St. Louis Park, MN

4. Profession: Contract Manager, Information Technology

5. When (or why) you started running:  I ran long distance track in high school but took a break from running in college and ended up putting on the freshman 15 and then some.  After college I needed to change up my workout routine and running was the perfect way to add another element of calorie burning to my weekly regimen.  I’ve found that running not only helps me stay in shape but also allows me to clear my mind and unwind.

6. Best run/running experience: In 2013 I decided to run a full marathon and signed up for the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon. Fall is one of my favorite seasons and running the course through Minneapolis, around the lakes and into St. Paul was simply amazing.  I was a little nervous about finishing since I was recovering from a knee injury but I was still able to beat my goal time and squeeze in a marriage proposal after I finished.  At the end of the day I was not only a marathoner but also engaged!

7. Worst run/running experience: Running in heat is my Kryptonite.  On one of my TCM training runs last summer I ended up walking home as I didn’t properly hydrate and cramped up.

8. Dream training partner: I prefer to run by myself but occasionally will run with my college friends.

9. Training shoe: Asics GT 2000-2

10. Favorite running route: Running the Chain of Lakes (Lake of the Isles, Calhoun, and Harriet) in Minneapolis

11. Favorite time of Day to run: I prefer running either early in the morning or the late afternoon.

12. Pre-run food: Two plain bagels with peanut butter and a banana.

13. Post-run food: Any and everything…although burgers and beer are always nice!

14. Favorite Running Accessory: My foam roller.

15. Current or Future Goal: I’ve met my goal of finishing a marathon in under 4 hours this year and want to continue to shave off additional time from my overall marathon pace. 

16. Upcoming Race: Great River Ragnar Relay in August and the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon in October.

17. Favorite non-running activities: Snowboarding with friends in the winter; cycling on my off days from running and trying to keep up with my crazy Labrador.

18. Music: I have a pretty eclectic playlist for working out/running.  It runs the gamut from current music to 80’s favorites like Journey and Depeche Mode; all I need is a steady cadence with a good beat and I’m good to go.

19. Mode of transportation (other than your legs): Acura TSX and my Masi road bike.

20. Advice for a Brand New Runner: Remember to listen to your body and realize that even small gains are still progress.  Also, first and foremost remember to have fun!

Bronson's Twitter handle is @bmulleitner or you can read his blog here



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