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Mile Motivation Monday

posted on Mon, Aug 4 2014 10:00 am by TCM Staff

Go your happy pace.

This is one of our mottos at Girls on the Run. Fantastic volunteer coaches work with girls in 3rd-5th grade from across the Twin Cities. Over the course of ten weeks, the coaches help the girls find their own comfortable, “happy” running pace. Finding their happy pace helps them reach their finish-line goal at our celebratory 5K.


But beyond talking about maintaining a good running pace, we also work with the girls to figure out how running can help them go to their mental and emotional happy pace.


Through activities, discussion and fun games, girls learn:

  • to identify whether their happy pace means running alone or with a friend;

  • that running can help slow down their thoughts;

  • to think about what they focus on when running and what to do with those thoughts; and

  • how they can use running to help them at home and school.


Whether you are an elite or recreational runner, it’s great to step back and think about the other benefits that running can bring.


What does “going to your happy pace” look like to you?  Does it mean a silent, long run, or a short run to catch up with friends? How does running help you relax or clear your mind?


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