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20 Questions, Miles of Answers- Kelly Metzger-Moris

posted on Wed, Jul 30 2014 9:59 am by TCM Staff

1. Name: Kelly Metzger-Moris

2. Age: 38

3. City: Hudson, WI

4. Profession: Project Manager

5. When (or why) you started running: In April 2013, a friend asked if I wanted to join a running club with her (Mom’s on the Run). I hated running but always wanted to do it.  The social aspect drew me in; learning to run with women who faced the same challenges with running that I did kept me there and pushed me to the next level!

6. Best Run/Running Experience: A 5K last August; I had done a few last summer but it wasn’t until August that I ran the entire course without needing to walk.  

7. Worst Run/Running Experience: It was a nine mile run this spring and I underestimated the impact of a sunny path and the heat.  I also noticed that my water lid had been leaking and I was now short on water.  I was rationing water for 7 of the 9 miles and was miserable from the heat.  It was an out and back so I had no choice but to finish (which I did).  I got home and went to cross the run off my calendar only to realize that my run for that today was only supposed to be 8 miles!

8. Dream Training Partner: My iPhone/music.  I can go at my own pace and enjoy!

9. Training Shoe: Asics

10. Favorite Running Route: No favorites.  I like to try new routes all the time, but running in Arizona in March was great.  Early morning was cool and unless you were in the mountains, there was not a hill in sight!

11. Favorite time of Day to run: Morning if it’s hot out; otherwise the evening is nice to decompress and reflect on the day.

12. Pre-Race Food: Looking for advice on this one…I have yet to master fueling for races.

13. Post-Race Food: Root Beer Float!  I only ran one race that offered this but it was awesome!  Otherwise just water for me.

14. Favorite Running Accessory: Phone for music and my running App.  The one thing that keeps me going are those stats, graphs and charts tracking my progress!

15. Current or Future Goal: Completing a full marathon.  I also want to do a destination race someday.

16. Upcoming Race: Monster Dash Half Marathon (unless I get drawn for the Medtronic TC 10 Mile). 

17. Favorite non-running activities: Keeping up with my 7 year old daughter and her activities and hanging out with friends. 

18. Mode of Transportation: Dodge Durango

19. Pump up Music: Anything upbeat.  Though I do have Clouds and a few other inspirational tunes loaded for those moments when I want to quit.

20. Advice for a Brand New Runner: You read it everywhere but running is about you and only you.  How slow you go means nothing (there will always be someone who is faster and likely slower).  Don’t let your goals push you into a state in which you are no longer enjoying your runs.  It’s not worth it!   Also, don't assume because you never win the Minnesota lottery that you won't win a lottery entry into a half marathon. It turns  out the odds of winning are way better!  I was a little shocked when I got in to Grandma's half and there were a few training runs where I wanted to quit. Sticking with it and allowing myself to run at a comfortable pace on distance runs has proven to be extremely rewarding.



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