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Making Time

posted on Wed, Jul 23 2014 1:38 pm by Life Time Fitness

There is no way around it: training for endurance events takes time. But for many of us, time is a resource that is in short supply. Experienced runners find a way to get it done. They fit their training around jobs, family and the other activities that fill up our daily calendars. We asked our Life Time Run staff around the country for tips and tricks on making time to run.

“Pre-plan your meals so that you are consuming food that fuels you for an afternoon or evening run. So instead of eating a heavy lunch at a restaurant, bring a lighter lunch and plan a pre-run snack in the afternoon that leaves you energized for your afternoon.

- Eric Giandelone – Run Coach, Plymouth, MN

“Find running events that incorporate kids activities into them so it’s an entire family experience.”

- Duane Birchem – Senior Director of Marketing, Life Time Athletic Events


“Become a creature of habit.  Actively make time for the run and do it consistently for a few weeks - it will quickly become a habit and you will find the that the rest of your weekly needs will schedule in around the run commitment.”

- Mike Hendrickson – Run Coordinator, St. Louis Park, MN


“Run in the morning then you can't put it off. Make these runs quality workouts so you don’t have to fit in long miles.”

- Jen Schomaker – Run Coach, Champlin, MN


“Commit with a friend or group! When others are counting on you – and you on them – it's an added incentive to make the time! And it's more fun!

- Joy Rose – Run Coordinator, Mansfield, TX


“If you can't run in the morning, pack your work lunch and squeeze your run in during the noon hour. Not only will you get your miles in, you'll re-charge your mind for the afternoon!

- Linda Hatfield – Run Coordinator, Cary, NC


“Be creative - kids got soccer practice? Run during that time instead of conversing with other parents. Have your kids ride their bikes with you as you run to make it family time. Catch up with a non-running friend by having them hang out next to you on a treadmill as they walk or ride their bike next to you as you run.

- Andrea Cespedes – Run Coordinator, Colorado Springs, CO


 “In the hot summer days, get a run in after the kids have gone to bed. Put on your headlamp, and reflective gear, and head out into the cooler evening temperatures.”

- Kristen Schuldt – Run Coordinator, Centennial, CO


“Schedule your runs just like you would schedule a meeting or a doctor's appointment. Then stick to the schedule!”

- Brian Kearney – Run Coordinator, Sugarloaf, GA


Submitted by Pete Miller, National Run Project Manager at Life Time Fitness. For more information on Life Time Run training programs, go to, or email