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20 Questions, Miles of Answers- Rebekah Erler

posted on Wed, Jul 16 2014 9:59 am by TCM Staff

1. Name: Rebekah Erler        

2. City: Saint Anthony Village, MN by way of Seattle, WA

3. Age: 36

4. Profession: Accountant

5. When (or why) you started running: My dad had a rule when I was a freshman in high school that I couldn’t ride in cars with boys.  One day he drove up next to me at a stop light sitting in the front seat of my buddy’s Mustang.  For my punishment he made me run with him twice a week.  That was 21 years ago. I never stopped. Best punishment ever. 

6. Best Run/Running Experience: I’d have to say finishing my first Marathon (Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon, 2012). Bucket list item completed. I thought it was going to be grueling but I had so much fun I shocked myself. I was terrified to do it. 

7. Worst Run/Running Experience: During the Minneapolis half marathon I tore my IT band where it connects to my hip at mile 8 by going out way too fast at the start. I finished the race anyway and missed my sub-2 hour time goal by only 13 seconds. It was extremely painful, disappointing and not fun – I kept asking myself why I was taking something I loved and making it awful by racing.  When it was over all I felt was motivation to train smarter and get to the starting line of the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon 4 months later. 

8. Dream Training Partner: My dad.  He just finished cancer treatments and can’t really run anymore.  Our last run together was the week before I moved to Minnesota in 2010. We didn’t know it would be the last time we set out for our 3 mile talk. He made the perfect running buddy for half of my life. He taught me that I could use running to look deep inside myself and make changes. He always parented in a really subtle way. Introducing me to running changed the trajectory of my whole life. I like to think he knew what he was doing when he chose it as my penance. Now I call him and tell him about my pace and mileage, great runs and embarrassing runner mishaps only he can laugh with me about. 

9. Training Shoe: I wore the same model of Adidas up until this year when they discontinued it. I switched to Saucony and really like them. 

10. Favorite Running Route: I’ve lived in some amazing cities with some really great views. I think the best way to really feel like you live in a place is to strap on your running shoes and explore. I miss running along the Embarcadero in San Francisco.  A close second is anything that involves crossing the Mississippi River, particularly finishing a run at the end of the Stone Arch Bridge. The Twin Cities are a beautiful place to live and run. I plan to live here forever. 

11. Favorite time of Day to run: Late morning / early afternoon. I have to run on an empty stomach, but I can’t get myself to do it before work and the kids waking up. I like to work through my lunch break and sneak out for a midday run instead. 

12. Pre-Race Food: A peanut butter Clif Bar and 4 cups of coffee.    

13. Post-Race Food: Chocolate milk and loaded scrambled eggs. Peanut butter M&Ms are another favorite. 

14. Favorite Running Accessory: My iPod shuffle when I’m doing short runs. When I do long runs, my friends in the Twin Cities Running Club are irreplaceable! 

15. Current or Future Goal: I finally broke the 2 hour mark at the Monster Dash last year but the timing mats malfunctioned so it doesn’t really count. I need to record an official sub-2:00. Nothing is real until it’s on the internet. 

16. Upcoming Race: I’m planning to do the Urban Wildlands Half in August.

17. Favorite non-running activities: Bedtime cuddles with my 2 little boys, the rare date night with my husband and watching the Minnesota Wild play hockey. 

19. Pump up Music:  Pop and Hip Hop.  Jay-Z always does it.   

20. Advice for a Brand New Runner: Never apologize for your pace, your weight, your distance, anything.  Look other runners in the eye when you pass them – you’ll realize we are a tribe and you belong to it simply because you are out there.  



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