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20 Questions, Miles of Answers- Janeen Christy

posted on Wed, Jul 9 2014 9:59 am by TCM Staff

1. Name: Janeen Christy

2. City: Decorah, Iowa

3. Age: 43

4. Profession: Accountant

5. When (or why) you started running: I started to run when I was 38, to lose weight and get into shape.

6. Best Run/Running Experience: Finishing the Des Moines Half Marathon about a year after I had surgery. I didn’t come down for days; wish I could bottle that feeling!

7. Worst Run/Running Experience: A ten-miler the day after I had taco pizza. (I don’t recommend it.)

8. Dream Training Partner: Joan Benoit-Samuelson. I saw her run the Quad City Times Bix 7 just weeks before she won the first women’s Olympic Marathon. She's a strong role model for women and continues to inspire me.

9. Training Shoe: Saucony Guide or Omni.

10. Favorite Running Route: I have a thirteen mile trail around my town that’s cut through limestone bluffs and has some amazing hills and views. There’s a hill that I crest that makes me feel like I’m on top of the world.

11. Favorite time of Day to run: 7 AM.

12. Pre-Race Food: Oatmeal.

13. Post-Race Food: Chocolate skim milk and Jimmy John’s. Chased down with a glass of red wine and dark chocolate.

14. Favorite Running Accessory: My iPod. 

15. Current or Future Goal: Finish my first marathon – the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon – and then continue to run well into old age.

16. Upcoming Race: The Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon!

17. Favorite non-running activities: Cooking (especially pasta made with my pasta maker), going to concerts, reading, napping (which Runner’s World says is “the new cross-training.”)

18. Mode of Transportation: Preferably my own two feet, but my car (much more than I’d like).

19. Pump up Music: That I’m willing to admit?  Viva la Vida, by Coldplay (live version; you can pretend the crowd is clapping for YOU!) Also, I’m not ashamed to admit that sometimes songs with bad words are a powerful motivator.

20. Advice for a Brand New Runner: You’re only competing with yourself. Don’t worry if you’re slow, because a slow mile still beats ten minutes on the couch – anyday.



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