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20 Questions, Miles of Answers- Kirra A

posted on Wed, May 14 2014 9:59 am by TCM Staff

  1. Name: Kirra A

  2. Age: I am six and a half

  3. City: Ham Lake, MN

  4. Profession: I don’t work, I’m a kindergartener. 

  5. Been running since: I could walk.

  6. What made you start? My mommy runs, and I wanted to run with her too.

  7. Training program you follow: We run around the block.

  8. Best run/running experience: At the indoor race this year. I ran super-fast, and I got to see Harry & Shelly! (TC Kids Fieldhouse Fun Run)

  9. Worst run/running experience: Last year the race where it was stormy. We didn’t end up running that day and it made me very sad. I wanted to run with Harry & Shelly.

  10. Dream training partner: My mommy!

  11. Training shoe: Princess sneakers, and my super-fast shoes from Target!

  12. Favorite running route: Around the block with mommy.

  13. Pre-run food: Pizza!

  14. Post-run food: A big cup of Ovaltine.

  15. Training gadget: What’s that? Oh… that sounds cool! I wear my sunglasses so the sun doesn’t hurt my eyes.

  16. Goals? I want to run a marathon with mommy someday!

  17. Upcoming races? The one at Como park with the HUGE hill!  (TC Kids Cross Country Fun Run)

  18. Favorite non-running activities: Swimming, soccer, riding my bike, and playing Barbie.

  19. Mode of transportation (other than your legs): My mom & dad drive me around and I ride in the booster seat.

  20. Music: Frozen, and The Laurie Berkner Band, and Kidz Bop!



Kirra and a few of her friends are looking forward to running a mile at the TC Kids Cross Country Fun Run this weekend! She's already registered and trained through the Medtronic TC Kids Marathon program. It's not too late to register; online registration closes TONIGHT ($10) and walk up registration on Saturday wll be available for $16!




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