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Pro Q & A: Melissa Agnew

posted on Mon, May 5 2014 2:22 pm by TCM Staff

Melissa Agnew, a member of the professional field at the Medtronic TC 1 Mile on Thursday, answered some questions recently for TCM Blog readers. The University of Mary alumnus who runs for the Twin Cities Track Club, even revealed a nerdy affection for physiology.

What is your goal for the Medtronic TC 1 Mile?

My goal for the TC mile is to stay with the lead pack of ladies. There are some really awesome ladies up front so staying close to them throughout the race is my goal.

What is your favorite speed workout when you're training for the mile?

My favorite speed workouts are 200s or 300s at goal mile race pace with a 1:00 jog recovery. Gives me a little taste of pace and speed.

What advice do you have for citizen runners training to run fast for the mile?

My advice for other potentional mile runners is not to forget about longer runs! Having endurance is also very important when running shorter faster races.

What motivates you as a runner?

Pushing my body and seeing what happens motivates me. It's really fun to see what the body is capable of when training at a high level. I'm kind of a physiology nerd.

Where is your favorite place to run in the Twin Cities?

I love running around that lakes and along the river, but I'm mostly seen on the Cedar Lake trail.