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20 Questions, Miles of Answers- Kate Nyquist

posted on Wed, Apr 9 2014 9:59 am by TCM Staff

  1. Name: Kate Nyquist

  2. Age (or rough estimate): 27

  3. City: Minneapolis

  4. Profession: Health Communications

  5. When (or Why) You Started Running: I started running in 2008 right after I started graduate school. I knew, as I was studying public health, that I needed to walk the walk (run the run?) and be more active. I also needed an activity that was inexpensive and could be done on a flexible schedule.

  6. Best Run/Running Experience: Finishing the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon in 2011 was a total trip. Prior to training, I had never done a running event greater than 5 miles. I wasn't sure I could really run a marathon, even on race morning. It wasn't until about Mile 18 (after a complete and total mental/emotional breakdown Miles 14-17) that I said, "Wow. I am really doing this. I am running a marathon. And I'm going to finish it."

  7. Worst Run/Running Experience: Can your best and worst running experience be the same? Just as I was feeling pretty great about running a marathon, I was starting the ascent up the Summit Avenue hill (around Mile 20? 21? It's all a blur) and suddenly my leg hurt A LOT more than it had moment before. Being totally new to the marathon thing, I figured everyone was hurting this badly and just kept running. At Mile 23 I saw a friend and said, "I think my leg might be broken" and she just cheered so I kept running to the finish. 24 hours, 1 ER trip, and 3 X-rays later it was confirmed that I had five tiny little fractures in my shin bone. Total bummer.

  8. Dream Training Partner: No one. Despite being obnoxiously extroverted, I really love the solitude of running.

  9. Training Shoe: Just switched to a lovely pair of Brooks PureConnect 2s and I am in shoe heaven.

  10. Favorite Running Route: I just moved to South Minneapolis last year and I am digging how connected all the trails are. I can take the trail along Minnehaha Creek to any of the lakes or over to the river parkways and into Saint Paul. It makes it easier to switch it up so I never get bored.

  11. Favorite Time of Day to Run: Early evening. It makes a great transition from work to play.

  12. Pre-Race Food: The Universal Breakfast of All Runners: Peanut butter toast or oatmeal with banana. And coffee. Two Tootsie Rolls immediately pre-race.

  13. Post-Race Food: All of it, though I especially like to treat myself with a baked good from The Baker's Wife.

  14. Favorite Running Accessory: Garmin Forerunner because I can use it running and cycling and can set goals and watch my progress towards those goals.

  15. Current or Future Goal: Maintain an entire season injury-free. It's been a rough couple of years...

  16. Upcoming Race: I started the year off with the Valentine's Day TC 5K and 100% Irish for a Day TC 5K as part of the TC Summit Challenge. My next event will be the Goldy's 10 Mile at the University of Minnesota on April 12.

  17. Favorite Non-Running Activities: Bike touring, reading, learning to downhill ski, cooking, adventuring.

  18. Mode of Transportation (other than your legs): A sweet little bright red 1985 Bianchi road bike.

  19. Pump Up Music: Pretty much anything by Girl Talk and Doomtree

  20. Advice for a Brand New Runner: Be balanced. Not only in running speed and distance and other workouts, but in how much information you take in about running at once. It is so easy to get really excited and just read every bit of information available and take advice from everyone, but if you can try to take it in in small doses, you will find a running style that works best for you. 


Kate is a blogger! You can find her at talk all things "Running. Adventuring. Life in Minneapolis." at and on Twitter at @katerunsthis.



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