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20 Questions, Miles of Answers- Becca Glass

posted on Wed, Apr 2 2014 9:59 am by TCM Staff

  1. Name: Becca Glass

  2. Age (or rough estimate): 27

  3. City: St. Paul, MN  

  4. Profession: Senior Financial Analyst

  5. When (or Why) You Started Running:   My mom has always been a runner so she’s been a great inspiration for me, especially when I needed something to keep me in shape after I graduated college and stopped playing organized sports.  However, it wasn’t until two years ago when my sister convinced me to sign up for a half marathon with her and her friends that I started running on a regular basis.  I really enjoyed the race and my competitiveness kicked in so I signed up for another half marathon right away to try to beat my time. 

  6. Best Run/Running Experience:  

    We ran our final long training run for the 2012 Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon at 5am and ran the last 22 miles of the race course. The city was incredibly tranquil and the moon reflecting off the lakes and the fog of the crisp September morning made for a beautiful run.  We passed and were passed by other training groups who were all up early doing their final long run on the course as well. There was something about the ambiance and the camaraderie amongst all of us runners that morning, knowing that the rest of the city was sleeping but we were all up working for a mutual goal, that made that run very special.

    Race wise, my favorite experience was the last half mile of the 2012 Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon (my first full marathon).  I had mentally hit the wall, my quads were burning, and my feet were blistered, but when I rounded Summit Avenue with the spectators cheering like crazy and I finally saw the Capitol, the tears of joy and pride started flowing.  What an emotional moment and beautiful sight. 

  7. Worst Run/Running Experience:  I committed the ultimate race no-no at the 2013 Grandma’s Marathon: I went out way too fast.  The temp was a perfect 55 degrees, there was a slight tail-wind, my tapered legs were well rested, and I felt great.  I was overly confident and thought I could crush my goal but by mile 18 I ran out of gas.  The last 8 miles were miserable and my pace slowed way down.  I missed my goal time by 4 minutes.

  8. Dream Training Partners: My mother for her positive energy and attitude, my brother for his shared competitiveness (one of these days I will beat him), and my husband for his companionship and good looks :)

  9. Training Shoe: I’m currently with Saucony Ride, but open to trying others.  I am very blister and callus prone so finding the perfect shoe has been quite difficult.

  10. Favorite Running Route: I live in downtown St. Paul so I know Shepard Road, Mississippi Blvd, and Summit Ave well. I love changing it up when I’m at the cabin up north on the weekends and get to run around the Cross Lake area.

  11. Favorite Time of Day to Run: Morning.

  12. Pre-Race Food: Banana, bagel with peanut butter and honey, and Lime Accelerade.

  13. Post-Race Food: I’m really bad at eating proper recovery meals.  I eat whatever I’m hungry for which might be cereal or it might be pizza…Or it might just be a bloody mary!

  14. Favorite Running Accessory: My running skirts, visors, and iPod.

  15. Current or Future Goal: Qualify for Boston.  It’s an aggressive goal for where I stand now but I have no deadline for that goal.

  16. Upcoming Race: Run for the Lakes half marathon in Nisswa in April and then I hope to redeem myself at Grandma’s in June.

  17. Favorite Non-Running Activities: Broomball, waterskiing, yoga, snowboarding, and just hanging out with my husband Dan and my pug Norman.

  18. Mode of Transportation (other than your legs): Jasper the Jeep.

  19. Pump Up Music: There’s quite the variety on my iPod. Currently my mix includes Pert Near Sandstone, the Hairspray soundtrack, Destiny’s Child, Quietdrive, and Straight No Chaser. Pretty much anything but country (ok I might have an old Dixie Chicks song on there).  My husband will listen to podcasts of fantasy football analyses for three hours during a long run.  No thank you.

  20. Advice for a Brand New Runner:  Start small.  Your goal distance or time may seem intimidating now but with proper training, you’ll get there.  And always consider the first mile or so a warm up - don’t start out too fast!




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