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Our Spirited Celebration at the 100% Irish for a Day TC 5K and TC 10 Mile, presented by Marathon Sports

posted on Fri, Mar 21 2014 10:00 am by TCM Staff


The day started with many hearty runners toeing the line for both the ten mile and 5K. It was a little cool at first, but the weather served to keep the post-race beverages at the appropriate temperature until participants returned from their races. 


By the time ten mile champs Jon Grey and Angela Kidd crossed the finish line, temperatures had warmed nicely. As a result the festival area was full of runners celebrating a great morning run. Some participants may have met the fellow who travelled from Texas to run the ten mile with four of his friends or met the bride-to-be and her future mother-in-law running together.



Later in the day, at the post race get together at Cooper Irish Pub runners recounted tales of racing adventure:

“Did you see the people dressed up like Lucky Charms?”


“How about all those leprechauns!”


“I crossed the finish line with the shamrock necklace!”


Whatever the your tale, it was a great day to get your St. Patrick’s Day celebration started with friends and a run! Thanks for joining us! We hope to see you at a future TCM race again soon!