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How I met my girlfriend, with the help of TCM

posted on Tue, Feb 4 2014 9:30 am by TCM Staff


As told by Mr. Wonderful (MW)
and the TCM Staff (TCM):


TCM: It was early February, and registration was closed for the 2013 Valentine's Day TC 5K. The field was skewed 60% female last year, and so we feared relationship status might be skewed too. At packet pick up, red "Taken" backtags were flying off the table, but not many people were selecting the green "Single" backtags. If everyone at the race was in a relationship, there wouldn't be much hope for the few single people at the race. Fortunately, as Packet Pick up continued, interest was stirring for the Post-Race Party and green "Single" backtags were beginning to grow in popularity.


TCM: Finally, it was race day! The field still seemed a bit more "taken" than "single" backtags, but the TCM staff had hope that the race would still produce some "sole mates." We were right! As a couple crossed the finish line and grabbed their cookies and cocoa, David got down on one knee and asked Kelly to marry him. She said yes! (photo above)


MW: Last year on February 9, I ran the Valentines Day TC 5K in my "Mr. Wonderful" shirt. I handed out Valentine's Day cards to all the girls with single tags and got great feedback!


TCM: After commemorating the engagement on Facebook, we checked to see if there was anything else exciting was happening at the finish line. We saw the cast of 50 shades of grey stop at the TCM Photo Stop, girls who ran for Nutella, and families who had come to run their first 5K together!


TCM: Then we saw Mr. Wonderful. He was stoic, sincere, and sophisticated. He had Valentine's Day cards for all the Single Ladies and he was wearing a green "Single" backtag. We made sure to catch an action shot of this guy.


MW: It was a wonderful experience and I had a decent race as well. Coopers Pub [the post-race party] after was super fun and I met some great people. I had a runner's high the rest of the day and went out with a buddy of mine. When you feel good you give off a great vibe and thanks to the run and after party I felt great and approached a super pretty girl at a bar. Turns out her dad was a runner and we talked the rest of the night. I'm hoping to convince her to run it this year with me.


TCM: Thanks for sharing your story, Mr. Wonderful. We hope to see you at the race next weekend! 



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