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20 Questions, Miles of Answers- Meghan Suman

posted on Wed, Jan 8 2014 9:50 am by TCM Staff

1. Name: Meghan Suman

2. Age: 36

3. City: Basehor, KS

4. Profession: Full time mom/ part time Thirty-One Consultant

5. When (or why) you started running: I started running 4 years ago when I met a running group at the YMCA. They wouldn't stop asking me to run with them. I told them I couldn't even run a mile. Apparently they thought I could because they never stopped asking me and they never gave up on me! I finally gave in and said yes. I figured I would show them that I couldn't run when I pass out on the sidewalk (Bwaahahaha). Then they will stop asking me. Well....turned out I could run and I didn't pass out, just kept running.  

6. Best Run/Running Experience: Completing my first half marathon in June 2011. It was Hospital Hill in Kansas City, MO. It was hilly(they don't call it Hospital Hill because it's flat) and it was hot! When I approached the finish line and saw my parents, my husband and my 3 little girls cheering me on I knew I had really accomplished something big!  Then when I crossed the finish line and saw my dad crying I began to cry. It was such a rush and I had runners high for two weeks!

7. Worst Run/Running Experience: While training for my 2nd half marathon I discovered; over training. During one of my long runs my left knee began to hurt and I couldn't run without pain. I took a little break from running but it wasn't enough. Race day I was feeling great! I realized about half way through that I was going to PR. Then I hit mile 9 and my left knee locked up. It was extremely painful. It was so painful that I couldn't continue to run and had to walk the rest of the race. I also ran into (pun intended) a guy that I went to High School with, awesome. This time when I crossed the finish line I was crying for a different reason.

8. Dream Training Partner: My dad. Unfortunately he can not run anymore because his knees won't allow him to but hey a girl can dream right? Talking with him for miles and miles would be amazing! Then crossing a finish line with him would make it complete.  

9. Training Shoe: Asics and Saucony (I trade off)

10. Favorite Running Route: Flat country roads where there is nothing but me and my dogs, nature and the sunrise.

11. Favorite time of Day to run: Early morning. I love to run when it is quiet and the crazy drivers who don't know how to share the road with runners aren't out yet. I love the sunrise. I can enjoy my day better when I have already gotten my run in.

12. Pre-Race Food: Banana, 1/2 plain bagel or bread with peanut butter, glass of water and usually a granola bar on the way to the race. I need to fuel up and fortunately my stomach can handle it.

13. Post-Race Food: Beer (for realz)

14. Favorite Running Accessory: My dog Roni. I had the garmin watch, I had my phone, my ear buds, my music, my water bottle, and my belt. Then it occurred to me that I didn't have the one thing that I should have had all along: a dog. So, I adopted a hunting dog that nobody wanted and turned him into my running partner and he turned me into a faster, more consistent and more goal oriented runner! Man's best friend, no woman's best friend.

15. Current or Future Goal:  Finish the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon in less then 6 hours, injury free.

16. Upcoming Race: Color Run 5k. I know what you are thinking but come on I gotta have fun too! I NEED a laid back easy race. Plus my 5-year-old daughter is doing it with me. I can hear the "awwhhhs."

17. Favorite non-running activities: Walking my dogs, Zumba, going to the pool, reading, watching t.v., listening to music, watching my daughters participate in sports, dance, theatre and spending time with family/friends.

18. Mode of Transportation: Don't laugh and don't judge, a Kia mini-van (Hey, I am a proud soccer mom) Don't hate.

19. Pump up Music: Again don't laugh and don't judge. I listen to a lot of 80's music. My favorites are: Footloose soundtrack especially "Holding out for a Hero," I'm Free," "Never," and "Hurts so Good," (makes sense). I also listen to Creedence Clearwater Revival. They keep me moving. Even though I am from Kansas I do NOT listen to country.

20. Advice for a Brand New Runner: Believe in yourself. Yes, you can!


Keep up with Meghan by checking out her online marathon journey via her instagram account, @megathon1.





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