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posted on Wed, Dec 18 2013 1:56 pm by Life Time Fitness

Everyone at Life Time Fitness has been using the word “commitment” a lot. As we prepare for our Commitment Day 5K events on January 1, we’re encouraging America to commit to a Healthy Way of Life in 2014. The 5K run/walk events at over 30 cities across the country are a way to kick off the new year with a healthy activity that serves as a catalyst for change.

But what about those of you that are already living a Healthy Way of Life? You eat well, exercise regularly, set goals and participate in athletic events. What will you commit to in 2014?

We encourage you to commit to something outside of your comfort zone. Try a new event, or a new distance. Register for a series of events throughout the year that will keep you motivated. Or sign up for something seriously challenging, like our Leadville Trail Marathon or Twin Cities in Motion’s TC Ultra Loony Challenge. Go beyond what you’ve done in the past. Redefine your expectations for your own performance.

Even if you’re training for an event or distance that you’ve done in the past, look for ways to enhance your training program. Add speed work, hills or strength training. Work with a coach or join a training group. Connect with others for motivation, support and guidance.

January 1st is a great time to make a change. Go beyond a resolution. Make a commitment.

Submitted by Pete Miller, National Run Project Manager at Life Time Fitness. For more information on Life Time Run training programs, go to, or email For more information on Commitment Day, go to