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20 Questions, Miles of Answers- David Odeen

posted on Wed, Oct 30 2013 9:59 am by TCM Staff

1. Name: David Odeen


2. Age: 48


3. City: Saint Paul


4. Profession: Saint Paul Schools Building Engineer


5. When or why did you start running? I started running to help lose weight. I changed my diet and started running a block or two then 6 miles. The weight poured off.


6. Best run/running experience? Recently during a training run I ran 23 miles and felt very well after. I took a day off and resumed training feeling strong.


7. Worst Run/Running experience? When I was in 11th grade I trained daily for a 10K all summer and ran the race the day before football started in the Fall. I thought I was ready, but when the race started the runners shot out of the gate and I was left in the dust. I finished, got fairly ill after, but the next day I was fine and more prepared for football camp then everyone else.


8. Dream Training Partner? Anyone that could get me ready for Boston. But at my age I am fairly solitary runner.


9. Training shoe? Brooks Adrenaline 12's. Its a great shoe that never blisters my foot.


10. Favorite Running Route? Lake Phalen in Saint Paul. It's an awesome loop. Beautiful. The Gateway state trail is near by and I can hit that for longer runs and return to Phalen. It's a gorgeous lake. It's a great motivator.  


11. Favorite time of Day to Run? Very early morning, before work. Four AM in the summer. Very peaceful.


12. Pre-Race Food. I enjoy an egg muffin with a little sausage or ham mixed in. Maybe some yogurt. I try to feel almost full for a long run.


13. Post-Race Food. Well, a nice protein strawberry smoothie with Greek Yogurt. That or a steak.


14. Favorite Running Accessory? My Motorola GPS watch. It also has a MP3 player built in. It functions beautifully.


15. Current or Future Goal. I want to run Grandma's next summer. I was going to run this year but sustained a pretty severe IT band injury and I could not go. I was very depressed because I was very ready for it. I'd love to do Boston but I am not sure I can get my time that low. It's tough.


16. Upcoming Race? The Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon, of course.


17. Favorite non-running activities? Family time. Reading a lot.


18. Mode of Transportation: Dodge Ram


19. Pump up Music? Rage, Kidd Rock, Metallica, and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers.


20. Advice for a Brand New Runner? Run, and just do it. You will feel so much healthier. Humans are meant to be active.



Keep up with David by following him on Twitter @dtodeen and find out how is October 6 race went!





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