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Going the Distance to Honor a Friend

posted on Wed, Jun 26 2013 4:40 pm by TCM Staff

By Kristen Kaufmann
TCM Association Volunteer

There are many reasons to run the Red, White and Boom! Half Marathon: to burn of a few calories before your 4th of July barbecue, to chase a personal record or spend time with friends.  For Caitlyn Witt, her motivation to run her very first half marathon is to honor an inspiring woman who recently lost a battle with uterine cancer.   

For as long as Caitlyn can remember, she has always admired Marjorie Jacoby. Marjorie was her best friend’s mother and it seemed she could do it all; raise three kids, have a full-time job as a doctor- and still find time to run.

“Marjorie always had a smile on her face,” Caitlyn said. “When she was diagnosed with uterine cancer, I was shocked that someone so strong, so healthy and wonderful was diagnosed with such a horrible illness.”

During that time, Caitlyn’s admiration for Marjorie continued to grow. “She continued to fight the disease entire time, and was even able to walk down the block with the help of family.”

After Marjorie passed earlier this year, Caitlyn signed up for the Boom! to honor Marjorie’s passion for running.

“I’ve never been a long distance runner, I was a sprinter,” Caitlyn said. “But I always remember Marjorie’s face after she came back to her house after a long run, she always looked so happy and satisfied.”

With that image engrained in her mind, Caitlyn began training for her first-distance race. She has supplemented her training runs with cross-training and weight training to help prepare her for her race.  On her tough days she relies on the Marjorie’s inspiration and a variety of music to get her through.

"I always remember Marjorie’s face after she came back to her house after a long run, 
she always looked so happy and satisfied."


“Long-distance running is still a little bit of a love/hate relationship,” Caitlyn said. “I know this half-marathon will challenge me physically, mentally, and emotionally as I have whole-heartedly decided to have Marjorie in mind during the race. I just hope by the end, I'll have that look of satisfaction and happiness that Marjorie had when she would run.”

On race day Caitlyn will be wearing a teal ribbon. So if you see her, feel free to shout out a few encouraging words!

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