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20 Questions, Miles of Answers- Breanne Hegg

posted on Wed, Sep 5 2012 10:05 am by TCM Staff

Name: Breanne Hegg

Age (or rough estimate): 33

City: Minneapolis

Profession: Marketing

Been running since: 1994; races since 2006

What made you start? My husband got me hooked on races. He ran the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon in 2005 and I vowed that the following year I'd to the Medtronic TC 10 mile while he did the marathon again, and then I was hooked!

Training program you follow: I started training through the Running Room Uptown and use a modified version of their training schedule.

Best run/running experience: Running the Helsinki Marathon; Running Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon last year six months after the birth of my first child.

Worst run/running experience: Getting heat stroke during Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon in 2007 and getting packed into an ambulance at mile 25.

Dream training partner: Any of my friends!

Training shoe: Asics 2170s

Favorite running route: The Lakes, Minnehaha Parkway, Theo Wirth, and the Mississippi River.

Pre-run food: Toast, fruit

Post-run food: Eggs and toast, noodles, anything!

Training gadget: I still have my Garmin Forerunner 301.

Goals? Keep running! I'm 19 weeks pregnant and hope to make it as long as I can. Last time I made it to 8 months.

Upcoming races? I consider childbirth a race so I'm "training" for that, but after that I hope to at least do one race - any distance - next year!

Favorite non-running activities: Hiking, skiing, reading, spending time with my family.

Mode of transportation (other than your legs): I'm not really much of a biker, so maybe the double jogging stroller we just bought?

Music: Whatever my husband puts together for me for mixes.


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