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20 Questions, Miles of Answers- Ben Drexler

posted on Wed, Aug 15 2012 11:00 am by TCM Staff

  1. Name: Ben Drexler
  2. Age (or rough estimate):24
  3. City: White Bear Lake
  4. Profession: Math Teacher
  5. Been running since: I ran track in high school for a few years. In college I ran recreationally. I have been distance running for almost 2 years. So, I'll go with August, 2010.
  6. What made you start? I moved to Minneapolis (from my college town of Fargo) and started running the lake chain. Running finally became fun instead of a workout. I loved running around the lakes every day. I started building my mileage up and then signed up for some races. For the longest time (at least it seemed like a long time) I said I was only going to do halves. That quickly changed and I have now completed 3 marathons in a span of 60 days.
  7. Training program you follow: My own. I don't really believe in training programs. They have their time and place, but I have learned mainly to listen to my body. I have looked at some guides and workout routines in magazines and books and have kind of mixed things together. I enjoy it more when I get to run what I feel like running on any given day. Long runs are an excpetion. I try and make sure I am being consistent with my weekend mileage runs.
  8. Best run/running experience: I had a great time at Grandma's Marathon this year. Everything about the event was awesome and I had so much fun with the race. It is definitely a race that I plan on running again.
  9. Worst run/running experience: Get Lucky Half Marathon 2012. I went out way too fast and crashed around mile 9. The last 4 miles were a nightmare. Everytime I run on Shepard Road I remember how bad I ran that race.
  10. Dream training partner: Megan Fox. Wait, you said dream training partner, not date? Anytime I get to run with a friend, I feel lucky enough. I'd keep my current training partners.
  11. Training shoe: I have finally found the shoes that I plan on buying a lot of: Mizuno Wave Elixir 7. I hope they don't change much when the 8s come out, because the 7s are incredible. I also wear Saucony Kinvara 3s for my speed training.
  12. Favorite running route: Minneapolis portion of the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon. There is a perfect 20 - 23 mile loop around Minneapolis that follows the marathon course and it's incredible.
  13. Pre-run food: Clif Bar
  14. Post-run food: Protein smoothie with all kinds of fresh fruits
  15. Training gadget: Garmin Forerunner 305... best watch ever.
  16. Goals? Long term goal: Qualify for Boston. Short term goals (hopefully by the end of this season): 1:33 Half Marathon and 3:25 Marathon. Distance Goal: Next up is a 50K. Hoping to get one scheduled in early spring 2013.
  17. Upcoming races? Way too many. Minnesota Half Marathon, City of Lakes 25K, Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon, Mankato Half Marathon and the Seattle Marathon. Quickly after, I am starting out 2013 with the Houston Marathon in January and then hopefully a 50K in February.
  18. Favorite non-running activities: Fishing and spending time on the lakes. Minnesota is pretty much the best state ever.
  19. Mode of transportation (other than your legs): Still driving my college car: 05 Buick Century. Hoping to get some more miles on it before I have to get a new car. My car is like each pair of shoes I own; I am always trying to get more miles out of it.
  20. Music: Anything that makes me run faster. I try and leave my music at home when I am running, but sometimes if my route or workout is boring I bring it with. When I am driving, whatever is on the radio suites me.

Keep up with Ben and his current races on Twitter @RunThisTown_TC or follow him on his blog, Run this Town.