Twin Cities in Motion

Who Wore It Best?

posted on Fri, Aug 26 2011 3:00 pm by Colleen Hajduk

You'd be surprised how often the staff at TCM comes to work donning matching outfits.  Outside of the obvious perk of having wardrobes comprised primarily of race gear, one of the other bonuses of working at TCM is our flexible work attire guidelines. "Looking the part" often means that on any given day you'll find some of us dressed in business attire and others in technical tees, shorts and running shoes. Despite the many outfit options, more often than not, the M in TCM stands for "matching."

Today, we thought why not document it? 

Matching today are Jeff, Race Director extraordinaire, and Marlene, Marketing & Media Director. Both decided to sport their Red, White & Boom! TC Half Marathon shirts.

For this photo they were asked to don fake mustaches given that it is #FakeMustacheFriday. Please note that this is not a Wanted Poster or a mug shot.

 So who wore it best? You decide.