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Our Year-Round Volunteers, the heart of TCM

The Twin Cities In Motion Association — composed of more than 300 year-round volunteers who organize Twin Cities In Motion events — consists of eight divisions and their related volunteer committees.  


Volunteers of the Year Award Recipients


Jerry Wilson Volunteer of the Year Award

Year in and year out, volunteers make the marathon a true community event. In 2004, the marathon introduced the Jerry Wilson Volunteer of the Year Award, named after long-time volunteer Jerry Wilson who died in February 2004. The annual award acknowledges an individual who gives generously of his or her time and talent.


2004 - Tom Breen, Race Operations

2005 - Paul Hajduk, Race Operations

2006 - LeeAnn Meyer, Marketing & Public Relations

2007 - Kris Luneau, Events & Services

2008 - Jeremy Beuch, Marketing & Public Relations

2008 - Tonya Beuch, Marketing & Public Relation

2009 - Lloyd Zastrow, Youth Programs

2010 - Michael Thompson, Race Operations

2011 - Erik Westgard, Race Operations

2012 - Wendy Robson, Race Operations

2013 - Sarah Amundson and Brent Reykdal, Race Operations

2014 - Eric Hammill, Race Operations

2015 - Shannon Swanson, Saturday Events


Rookie of the Year Award

The Rookie of the Year Award was created in 2008 to recognize an individual who was new to the TCM Association and exemplified the organization’s mission statement.


2008 - Ed Whetham, Youth Programs

2009 - Mike Cordes, Marketing & Public Relations

2010 - Molly Pederson, Race Operations

2011 - Jake Pittman, Marketing & Public Relations

2012 - Angie Voight and Kirk Scofield, TC Half Marathon

2013 - Jon Kerzmann, Events & Services

2014 - Emily Cornell, Marketing & Public Relations

2015 - Nicolas Russillin, Race Operations


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